Abbey Road – 3rd July 2019

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Dear Parents/Carers

With less than two weeks to go I can now share the details for the Rock and Pop Festival at Abbey Road. Pupils and parents travelling on SMS coaches please check the notice board at SMS to make sure you are on the list.

There is a lot to take in: so please find PDF of all the info you need.:

Abbey Road – Master Document for schools, SMS pupils and parents

TICKETS SALES: This has been extended to June 26th (after this date no tickets will be available)

The overview!

Wednesday 3rd July

10.30 Audience/performers for concerts start to arrive

11.00 Doors open for Concert A

11.30 Concert A starts

13.10 Concert A finish

13.15 Doors open for Concert B

13.40 Concert B starts

15.25 Concert B finish

16.00 Doors open for Concert C

16.30 Concert C starts

17.45 Concert C finish

18.00 Doors open for Concert D

18.30 Concert D starts

20.30 Concert D finish

22.00 Van loaded.

Plans before each concert:

Pupils arrive between 45mins/60mins before doors open and will be directed to studio 2

Security will be present and may ask to see tickets or check bags.

  • Concert A performers and audience arrive from 10.30 onwards
  • Concert B performers and audience arrive from 12.40 onwards
  • Concert C performers and audience arrive from 15.30 onwards
  • Concert D performers and audience arrive from 17.30 onwards

Studio 2 – The Abbey Road experience

This will be used as a holding area 30 minutes before for each concert.   Abbey Road will supply refreshments and put on a film about Abbey Road.  In this iconic ‘Beatle’ studio you will find old mixing desks, equipment and the ‘Lady Madonna’ piano.  Pupils and parents will be able to explore and have photographs taken.  This studio is where the Beatles recorded 80% of their music. It will give performers and audience a chance to relax before the concert takes place in studio 1. A cloak room will also be made available for bags and coats.

Studio 1 – The Concert

When doors open for each concert performers will take their instruments and leave them at the side of stage.

The concert will then run as a rock and pop night with band on stage, band following them backstage etc.

*Please can schools and SMS bands be aware which band is performing before them and they will need to be side of stage when that band is performing. (Running orders attached)

When the concert is finished performers will collect instruments and be led back to Studio 2 (this will be a different route to the audience to alleviate pressure of crossover of audience and performers between each concert).

Performers and audience will be allowed to stay in the building a further 45mins after the concert has finished. Performers will be allowed to leave their instruments at Abbey Road, if schools and SMS bands have made plans before or after each concert to go into London or St Johns Wood, these instruments will need to be collected by 20.30.

This does not apply to audience members who have purchased a festival ticket as this entitles them to watch all four concerts if they so wish.

If you are in:

Concert A you will need to leave Abbey Road by 13.55

Concert B you will need to leave Abbey Road by 16.15

Concert C you will need to leave Abbey Road by 18.30

Concert D you will need to leave Abbey Road by 21.15

(Before or after their concert, many Schools, performers and audience have made plans to go to Regency Park, visit the West End or will go to St Johns Wood)

Running order for each concert:

Concert A

11.30 – 13.10

  • The Rise – Saturday Music Centre (SMC)
  • Smith’s Wood Academy -School
  • Mug Shot – (Coventry)
  • Park Hall Academy – School
  • JHNCC – School
  • The Words – SMC
  • SMC Jazz – SMC

Concert B

13.40 – 15.25

  • Drumsticks – SMC
  • Superkicks – SMC
  • Session 4 – SMC
  • Greswold – School
  • Swindon Band – National Band
  • SMC Ukuleles – Featuring SMC Choir – SMC
  • Junior Jazz – SMS

Concert C

16.30 – 17.45

  • Capacity -SMC
  • Light Hall School
  • Destination 6 -Arden School
  • Oak Cottage School
  • Heart of England School
  • Checkmate -SMC
  • Jazz Matters – SMC

Concert D

18.30 – 20.30

  • Class Ceilings – SMC
  • ‘Tudor Grange’ – School
  • Alderbrook – School
  • Lyndon – School
  • Langley Choir – School
  • Live wire – SMC
  • Soul Matters – SMS
  • Road Men- SMC

Summary: Before Concerts

  • Performers will be issued with a wristband
  • School staff will also be issued with wristbands.
  • If you have any questions or queries on the day SMS staff organising the day will easily be identifiable in blue tee-shirts, with music service logo on the back.
  • All performers and audience will wait in Studio 2 before their concert.
  • All concerts take place in Studio 1
  • If you have purchased an individual concert ticket you must vacate Abbey Road Studios by the set times above.
  • All tickets must have been purchased in advance from the Core Theatre and must be kept on your person.
  • School pupils that are coming to support their school band must have purchased a ticket for the that particular concert

Solihull July 3rd 07.00 – Land Rover Social Club

We have two 53 seater coaches leaving from Solihull to Abbey Road. These will leave at 7.00am prompt.

We have two members of Solihull Music Service staff travelling on the coaches supported by two school staff (Light Hall and Lode Heath)

Emma Wilcock (EW) Solihull Music Service

Richard Russell (RR) Solihull Music Service

Elen Stewart – Lode Heath School

Elle Davis – Light Hall School

Depending on time: If arrive before 10.30

EW and RR will take all performers and audience to Studio 2 to drop off instruments.

Performers and audience will then need to leave Abbey Road (go into St John’s Wood – 3 min walk) until 10.30am

If arrive 10.30 onwards to go straight to studio 2

EW and RR will then be responsible for meeting and greeting performers and audience for Concert A and bringing them down to Studio 2.

Summary Concerts:

  • When doors open performers need to take their instruments side of stage.
  • Audience will need to move from studio 2 into studio 1 when doors open before the concert.
  • Bands need to be side of stage, tuned and ready to go on, when the band before them is on stage.
  • Bands must not go over their allocated time.(8 mins)
  • After the concert bands need to collect their instruments and will be taken back to studio 2 via a different route than audience. School staff can meet them in studio 2.
  • Unless you have a ‘Festival Ticket’ audience need to leave Abbey Road Studio 2, 45 minutes after the concert has finished.

Many thanks


SMS Summer Concerts 2019

Dear parents/Carer,

Please find below the letters for the summer concerts starting on Monday 24th June with the Jazz night at the Core:

25th June

June Concert 1

26th June

June Concert 2 – Land Rover

28th June

June Concert 3 – Land Rover

Sorry for the delay with these, but external factors have caused the delay.

Tickets will be available from the Core Theatre when they have gone live in the next few days.

Rock and Pop Nights June 18th and 19th 2019

These Rock and Pop Nights will take place on June 18th and 19th at West Warwick’s Sports Club, Grange Road.

Doors will open at 7.00pm and the concerts starts at 7.30pm

Tickets available from:

Soundcheck Times:

18th June

5.00pm      Road Men

5.15pm      Shade xx11



6.15pm      Langley Jazz Band

6.45pm      The rise

19th June

5.00pm     Destination 6

5.30pm      Light Hall


6.00pm      Heart Of England

6.15pm     ”

6.30pm      Shirley Heath





Regional Strings and Youth Orchestra – September 2019

Regional Strings and Youth Orchestra

Solihull Music Hub is delighted to announce the creation of a regional Strings Orchestra
from September 2019.

This exciting new ensemble is a partnership between the music services of Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire and we hope to attract students from across the region to join this brand new group.

We are delighted to announce that the Regional Strings Orchestra will be directed by Mr.
Alex Laing, Artistic Director (Music) at the King’s High school in Warwick.
In addition to his role at King’s High Alex acts as coachand conductor of the National Children’s Orchestra of Great Britain and course director and conductor for the
National Youth String Orchestra of Great Britain.
It is also exciting to announce support from a range of partners including the Warwick
Schools’ Foundation and the University of Warwick Arts Centre. The Regional Strings
Orchestra will rehearse at the King’s High school in Warwick on Fridays from 7.00 – 9.00pm.
Members of the Regional Strings Orchestra will be advanced players of at least grade 6
standard and further details on membership will be available shortly.