Solihull Music Service – Spring Concerts

Dear all please find all the information about the spring series concerts.

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Spring Concerts 2014

Concert series –

Concert 1 Wednesday 26th March – Shirley Methodist Church     7.30pm


Allegro Strings


Rock and Pop Night – Solihull Moors

Thursday 27th March                                       7.30pm

Featuring B92’S /Overcrowded

Friday 28th March                                             7.30pm

Featuring Jazz Matters/ Jnr Jazz

Concert 2 Monday 31st March – Shirley Methodist Church             7.30pm

Jnr Winds

SMC Voices


Concert 3 Tuesday 1st April – HUB     7.30pm

Junior Brass


Con Brio

2nd Winds

Choral Concert 1st April – Shirley Methodist Church 7.00pm

Solihull Childrens Chorus

Solihull Training Choir

Concert 4Tuesday April 8th – HUB     7.00pm

1st Frets


Fingers and Frets

WCIT Concerts

Landrover Social Club

Monday March 31st – Guitars                      6.30pm

With SMC Guitars

Bushell Hall

Wednesday 2nd April – Woodwind            7.00pm

With Wind Starters

Solihull Concert Winds


WCIT – Woodwind April 2nd 2014

WCIT – Guitars March 31st 2014

WCIT – Guitars March 31st 2014- ensembles

March 31ST 2014- Concert 2

March 26th 2014- Concert 1

April 8th 2014- Concert 4

April 1st 2014- Concert 3

April 1st 2014- Choral concert