Easter Concerts – Feedback


BkJ7HXGIEAA1DaN.jpg largeChildrens Chorus @ Shirley Methodist Church 1st April 2014

BkEWiPyIMAAtaVR.jpg largeWCIT – Guitars landrover 31st March 2014

From: Sarah Carter
Sent: 03 April 2014 09:37
To: Solihull Music Service
Subject: RE:
Thank you very much for all your hard work, the Concert was absolutely beautiful. I especially loved the whale song, it was so moving it really brought a tear to my eyes. Thank you again and have a great well-deserved Easter break.


From: heather.tandy
Sent: 02 April 2014 16:14
To: Solihull Music Service
Subject: Concert – Solihull Children’s Chorus

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the concert at Shirley Methodist Church last night.

Both the Training Choir and the Children’s Chorus sounded wonderful and the venue with its tiered stage was great for being able to see all of the children during the performance. Each time SCC perform you can see the progress they are making and they now have quite a repertoire of songs behind them!!!

It is a credit to all of the staff involved each week who have worked so hard to bring them to the standard at which they performed last night. It was a lovely evening!!!

With Best Wishes,

Heather Tandy

From: Jo Evans
Sent: 07 April 2014 14:35
To: Solihull Music Service
Cc: Des Foxon
Subject: WCIT Guitar Concert at Landrover Social Club
Hi Richard!

I just wanted to say what a fab concert it was for the children to take part in and that there wasn’t too long a break for the children to get restless in!

We sent out a questionnaire to the children about the concert and I thought you might like to hear some of their feedback on the concert :

ALL the children said they definitely wanted to perform in another concert just like it and that they liked everything about it. Quite a large percentage of the children said they enjoyed the concert because they got to play with other children who were of a similar ability to them as well as being able to play in front of their parents.

When asked if they would change anything about the concert we received the following statements : Nothing / No way! / For St George and St Teresa to be on the stage!! / No because it was so exciting and I would like to go again / that you got a bit more space to play / No I thought it was amazing, I haven’t been in anything like it.

The questionnaires show how much enjoyment and reward the children got out of performing and we are very grateful to you for organising these opportunities for them.

Jo Evans
Music Co-ordinator
St George and St Teresa School