Solihull Music Service – fee increases

Solihull Council has set the fees for April 2016 – April 2017 as follows below.

Solihull Music Service Fees Summer 2016

Centre lessons

30 min individual centre         £18.41 per lesson
20 min individual centre        £13.10 per lesson
30 min shared centre              £10.13 per lesson
30 min group centre                £ 7.54 per lesson

Direct billing school lessons

30 min individual in school     £18.20 per lesson
20 min individual in school     £12.07 per lesson
20 min shared in school           £ 6.62 per lesson
30 min group in school              £ 5.45 per lesson

Ensemble only* £37.09 per term
Chamber Groups £46.40 per term
Solihull Children’s Chorus/Training Choir £37.09 per term (paid up front)

(*Free if attending a centre lesson UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2016 – A flat fee will then apply. It will still be the case that payment of one membership fee will entitle students to be part of as many SMS groups as they wish (apart from Childrens Chorus, SMC and String Chamber Groups)and we hope that for a charge of just over £3 per week this will remain very good value for money. )

Saturday Music Centre
1 Session £16.42 per term
2 Sessions £32.85 per term
3 Sessions £49.27 per term
4 Sessions £65.69 per term