SMC – End of term arrangments! 3rd December is the last one

Dear Parent/Carer,

After consulting with staff and reviewing the dates for this academic year, we have decided to make Saturday 3rd December 2016 the final SMC of this term. Most of our groups have already performed this term, and the few that have not will perform in the final week of term – of which they are well prepared for

We are going to use the extra date in the summer term to make up the dates for this academic year which will better prepare students for performances at the end of the summer term in 2017.

Can I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over this term, and we look forward to exciting things to come in 2017.

Can I also remind you that if you still have not signed up online please could you do so ASAP

If we don’t see you at one of our many concerts towards the end of term, have a great Christmas and peaceful New Year! SMC starts back on January 7th 2017.

Best wishes

Richard Jones                                                             Anthony Jones

Head Of SMC                                                             Assistant Head of SMC