Rock and Pop Nights December 14th/15

Please find the soundcheck times below for the final two rock and pop nights of 2016!

Rock and Pop Night

Solihull Moors

14th December 2016


4.30pm      Room 101

4.45pm      Just No

5.00pm      Mash Up

5.15pm      The First

5.30pm      Malfunction

5.45pm      Castle Brom

6.00pm      Cauliflowers

6.15pm      SMC Electric Guitar Group

Rock and Pop Night

Solihull Moors

15th December 2016


4.45pm      Crossroads

5.00pm      Shade 22

5.15pm      Lighthall

5.30pm      Nameless Faces

5.45pm      Ulverley

6.00pm      Greswolde – SMC (Luke)


6.30pm      Olivia and Amelia