Info for schools taking part in the 12.00 -4.00pm Cavern concert. March 13th

Dear Schools

Please see the final arrangements for the Cavern trip on Monday 13th March.

Please adhere to the following:

  • the time limits allocated for each school this is ensure fairness to all taking part and to allow the concert to run to time.
  • Please rehearse in the within the stage dimensions The stage dimensions are Approx 10 feet wide x 17 feet deep the cavern is made out of brick and will not move so please make sure that your band can fit on the stage. We cannot do anything on the day if you have not planned for this and there is an issue.
  • The online shop for Hoodies is now closed. Hoodies will come directly to me and I will allocate them out to the schools for their pupils that have purchased them.

The Cavern Trip – Monday 13th March 2017

Final arrangements: to ensure everyone enjoys the trip, and to avoid any miscommunication on the day, as it will be very busy!!

On arrival at the Cavern Club 10.30ish

If you are coming on the school mini- bus / coach, pupils/parents/supporters will need to collect instruments off the mini – bus/coach (carefully – it is busy!) and make their way to the Cavern Club. You will be met by members of SMS staff and staff and performers will be taken into the Cavern live lounge. PARENTS AND SUPPORTERS WILL BE ASKED TO STAY IN THE CAVERN CLUB AREA.

  • You will be briefed – along with the evening performers about the day and wristbands will be issued to performers.
  • Pupils will be asked to drop off their instrument in the cloakroom (next to the Cavern Stage.)
  • A brief soundcheck of selected school bands (max 3) will take place at 11.00am, finishing with the band opening the concert at 12.00pm. If other schools could stay and support the first band (at least) before going off site that would be appreciated.
  • Bands must stay within their allocated time.
  • School must arrive 20 mins before they are due to play and make themselves known to the organising staff.
  • School staff are responsible for their pupils whilst they are in Liverpool.


There is also a late afternoon concert at 4.30pm featuring over 100 performers and 200 parents from SMS and Saturday Music Centre, arriving at around 10.30am – this will mean the club is extremely busy and we do ask for your patience whilst putting schools/pupils etc in the correct place!!