2017 National Rock and Pop Festival – Line ups

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Dear Bands,

I am pleased to announce the line up of this years Festival and soundcheck times.

There are a few last tweaks to do but this is now 90% complete.

It is now down to you to make it successful and sell as many tickets as possible to make it a festival to remember. I WILL BE CHECKING!

Please can you ensure all replys are back and I look forward to seeing you at what should be a stunning festival.

Souncheck Times Thursday 13th

4.30pm      Soul Matters

5.30pm      Lodeheath Soul Band

5.45pm      Crossroads

6.00pm      Shade XXII

6.15pm      Heart Of England

6.30pm      XIII

6.45pm      Max and the Minions

7.00pm      Lyndon Bands

7.30pm      Lighthall Bands

Soundcheck Times Friday 14th 

15.30pm    The Words

16.00pm    Like night and day

16.15pm    The Canals

16.30pm    Langley Jazz Band

16.50pm    Jazz Matters

17.15pm    Nameless Faces

17.30pm    L101

17.45pm   Capo 5

6.00pm     SMC Guitars

Running order 14th July 2017– 7.00pm

  1. SMC Electric Guitars
  2. Nameless Face
  3. Langley Jazz
  4. Capo 5
  5.  L101
  6. The Canal
  7. Like night and day
  8. Lodeheath Soul Band
  9. The Words
  10. Jazz Matters

Soundcheck Times Saturday 15th July 2017

09.30am    Solihull Schools Choir

Mass rehearsal featuring:

Heart of England







Finish 12.15pm

Running order 15th July 2017 – 1.00pm

  1. Langley  
  2. Heart Of England
  3. Parkhall    
  4. Lighthall     
  5. Smithswood    
  6. Alderbrook     
  7. Arden      

Soundcheck Times Saturday 15th July

16.45pm    Alderbrook


17.15pm   The 1st

17.30pm    Parkhall Bands

18.00pm    Livewire 

Running order 15th July 2017– 7.00pm

  1. Lighthall Bands
  2. XIII
  3. shade xxII
  4. Heart Of England
  5. Parkhall Bands (year 8 and 9)
  6. Alderbrook
  7. Livewire
  8. Crossroads
  9. The 1st
  10. Soul Matters

Soundcheck Times Sunday 16th July 2017

09.20am    SMC Jazz

09.40am    Oak Cottage

10.00am    Shirley Heath

10.20am    Greswold

10.40am    Dorridge Rock Orchestra


11.20am    SMC Choir


12.00pm    Castle Brom

12.15pm    Catshill Band

Running order 16th July 2017 – 1.00pm

  1. Castle Brom Junior School
  2. SMC Choir
  3. Oak Cottage
  4. Catshill Rock Band
  5. Shirley Heath
  6. Greswold
  7. Dorridge Rock Orchestra
  8. SMC Jazz

Soundcheck Times Sunday 16th July  

16.00pm     Anodised

16.15pm    Catshill Choir

16.45pm    Faces for Radio

17.00pm    Karkosa

17.15pm    SMC Ukuleles


17.45pm    Malfuction

18.00pm    SMC Guitar Group

Running order 16th July 2017– 7.00pm

  1. SMC Guitar Group
  2. Malfunction
  3. Anodised
  4. Lyndon School
  5. Max and the Minions
  6. Catshill Choir
  7. Faces For Radio
  8. SMC Ukuleles
  9. Karkosa