Rock and Pop Nights June 2018

Please find below the Soundcheck times for the Rock and Pop Nights on June 12th, 13th and 14th.

12th June 2018
4.45pm      Langley Jazz Band
5.15pm      Heart of England Bands – 3 of them
5.45pm      Jazz Matters
6.30pm      Lighthall Jazz

13th June 2018
4.30pm      Lode Heath
4.45pm      Lode Heath year 7 band
5.00pm      All Sorts
5.15pm      M Webb – session 4 band
5.30pm      The words
6.00pm      Parkhall Bands (4)

14th June 2018
4.30pm      Caution Tape
5.00pm      Lyndon School Band
5.15pm      Capacity
5.30pm     Jnr Jazz Matters
6.00pm      Soul Matters
6.30pm      Shirley Heath
All tickets available from the