Open Morning

Saturday Music Centre (SMC)


On Saturday 22nd September between 9.00am – 12.15pm we are holding an open morning for pupils that are learning an instrument, dance and want to take part in drama.

  • Soul Band– Any brass players/ guitarists/ vocalists/bass players/ sax players/ keys/drummers can join the successful gigging bands (10.45—11.30pm)
  • Flute Choir – suitable for beginners to grade 7, this choir is a brilliant opportunity to work alongside fellow flutists to develop musical expression and general ensemble skills within a relaxed, fun environment. (9.45am—10.30am)
  • SMC Orchestra—for all acoustic instruments (10.45 –11.30pm)
  • Ukulele Group— a group for all ages and all abilities (9.45am—10.30pm)
  • Beginners guitar group—for anyone who has just started play a guitar (9.00 –9.45am)
  • Steel pans– every steel pan class is carnival time. Join this group and play great tunes.(10.45-11.30am)
  • Drama– develop your acting skills through role play, improvisation and script reading.(9.45 –11.30am)
  • Dance– to compliment the musical and drama groups. For beginners (9.00-9.45am)
  • SMC Jazz Band– is an exciting swing band playing the latest Big Band Charts. (9.00 –10.30am)
  • Theory– theory classes cater for all levels of ability form grade 1 to 8. Helps with A level and GCSE music      (11.30am—12.15pm)
  • SMC voices– explore your voice in this cool choir. (9.45 –10.30am)
  • Rock & Pop– S.M.C.’s rock & pop department offers the opportunity for guitarists to learn to play chord   patterns and develop these skills in the context of a group playing their favourite songs. Rock & Pop groups are encouraged to     develop their own material with guidance from experienced musicians. There are regular  opportunities to perform the repertoire they have rehearsed to a receptive audience. (9.00 –12.15pm)

No audition is required players, with advice from the teacher, decide which group or groups they wish to join.

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