Saturday Music Centre (SMC) presents ‘Reach’

SMC staff and pupils have been working hard during lockdown and have created an SMC rock orchestra. To put you in good cheer for the weekend we hope you enjoy our vision of that classic SClub7 song ‘Reach’

We would also like to mention and wish our best wishes to Hannah Goodban (guitar) and Katherine Welch (vocalist) as they will be leaving SMC to go to university in the new term. They have both been long term and amazing members of SMC and we will miss them dearly. We hope they take with them some amazing memories.
We are really proud of the students that took part and the quality of this performance…….So the weekend is nearly here and what better way to start it with this uplifting song…..#SMCREACH #solihull #Sansomstudios
Best wishes – SMC Staff