SMS update 14th September 2020

New guidance September 14th 2020

SMS is looking forward to returning to work and we are working hard to be ready for our return in October. Our first phase risk assessment is currently with the Covid recovery team at the council for sign off. This will allow SMS staff to return to daytime teaching in schools. We will then formulate a plan and risk assessment for our centre lessons, ensembles and Saturday Music Centre. However as you know Solihull has gone into local lockDown which will have an impact on our return.

Please find below all the up-to date guidance which we have tried to put in one place!

There is some useful information here:  Music Unlocked guidance. 

As you may be aware, there are many different pieces of guidance from the English government which may apply to your work (and all of these listed below have been updated recently so if you’ve not taken a look in the last couple of weeks please don’t assume the guidance is the same as before!):

School guidance

Guidance for Special Schools

Out of School Hours Guidance

DCMS guidance for performing arts

HE Guidance

FE Guidance

Early Years Guidance

General COVID-19 guidance updated in line with the new measures being put in place.

For most of our Schools, parents and pupils the key documents to read are the schools guidance – for activity within the school day – and the out of school hours (OOSS) guidance which is for after school and weekend activities such as ensembles, music centres etc.