SMS update following Lockdown 2 announcements

Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils
Following the announcement from the goverment that we are entering a second (sort of) lockdown on November 5th and this has had an impact on SMS teaching.

Firstly, we are delighted that we are still able to deliver daytime instrumental lessons in schools across the borough. I think this is important for the mental health of students and the culture of school life.

However, we have been told that after school one to one lessons at Lyndon School will have to stop at this moment in time. We will be delivering them online until it is deemed safe to return.

Saturday Music Centre is also unable to restart due to the lockdown but we will be streaming some of the sessions online. SMC parents have been emailed information about this.

Trinity exams: We have now received some information about exams and this can be read here.

I am sure, like SMS staff, you are disappointed with this change after we had worked so hard to get everything back up and running but unfortunately it has been taken ‘out of our hands’.

We will let you know when the situation changes. Take care everyone and stay safe!