Solihull Music Service – Update 1st March 2021

Dear Parents/Carers/Pupils

Welcome back to the new term and we hope this finds you well and feeling a little more positive as we see a potential route out of this pandemic.

March 8th: As we know all schools are due to return on this date. We are working hard with each school individually to support them with the delivery of daytime lessons and how this will work. SMS has to resubmit its RA to the Councils recovery team for sign off and we hope that will not cause too much delay, in the meantime we hope that remote lessons will continue as things settle down. If you have any questions please talk with your school or SMS teacher.

1 to 1 lessons: It is hoped these lessons will restart after the Easter holidays with face to face lessons starting at Lyndon and (we hope) Arden. As soon as we have confirmation of this we will let you know.

SMC and Ensembles: Depending on how the ‘roadmap’ progresses and if the return to schools doesn’t prove problematic we would hope that (inline with government thinking) we can at last restart Saturday Music Centre and our SMS ensembles in some form next term. We have to put a proposal together for Solihull MBC on how this will work but I hope by then the risk will be minimal. We are still continuing to offer online ensemble provision for some of our groups and SMC. Inspire and engage sessions: We have started very successfully these online sessions to help engage students and motivate them to ‘get their instruments out’ ready for when we can return to make music together. Please do get involved as these sessions are proving really popular and have been well received.
Mike Lovett February 11th 2021
Fred Cox February 27th 2021
Mike Dunne March 6th 2021
Alex Lang March 11th 2021
Lorna Want March 13th 2021
Jimmy Sims March 20th 2021
Jess Gilliam March 30th 2021

As always we will do our best to keep you informed and up to date, but please look after each other and stay safe and I hope we will see you in person soon!
We thought you might enjoy this performance from our SMS guitar team!