National Rock and Pop Festival 2019


The 2019 National Rock and Pop Festival.


So you heard it here first folks….Solihull’ s Rock and Pop Festival is  going to take place at Abbey Road Studios, London on 3rd July 2019.


2007versionAbbey Road 2019

A lot of hard work has gone on over the last 6 months to make this happen and we hope it will be a fabulous experience for all those Schools and pupils  that will be involved.

Part of the criteria we using for the bands that rehearse with us at SMC is below:

  • Pupils music be committed and turn up ready to rehearse.
  • Bands must start on time and mobile phones must not be used during rehearsals.
  • We expect bands to make progress throughout the year and support each other.
  • Bands must have balanced instrumentation within their group.
  • We expect all our bands to perform at a high level.

I am very proud of what we have achieved in Solihull and it is down to the hard work of the SMC staff, and pupils past and present that has made this opportunity happen. As I said today, the public cannot visit Abbey Road Studios as it is a working studio, so for many this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

In the meantime please encourage your pupils to look into the history of the Studios and watch some of the ‘Live from Abbey Road’ sessions. If you are doing GCSE music or A level just investigating some of the composers and genres of music performed and recorded at Abbey Road will help them pass the listening exam!!