SMS Online Music Resources

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Solihull Music Service are delighted to offer these online resources to help pupils and their families continue with their music making at this difficult time. More resources will be added over time. Click on the links below and enjoy!

maxresdefault  Solihull Music Service Tuition Channel
This is SMS online interactive learning channel.

cropped-40680018022_7ec10e5b35_o3.jpg Solihull Music Service – Brass Lessons
hands music sound black and white Solihull Music Service – Drums/Percussion/World Music Lessons
cropped-rock-and-pop3.jpg Solihull Music Service – Guitar /Bass Lessons
8ae2b236-6883-4e15-bc7b-99dda941ff05 Solihull Music Service – Piano/Keyboard Lessons
cropped-img_10051.jpg Solihull Music Service – String Lessons
close up of ukulele Solihull Music Service – Ukulele Lessons
cropped-35562348490_bfd8c06bcb_o.jpg  Solihull Music Service – Vocal Lessons
cropped-dsc_07401.jpg Solihull Music Service – Woodwind Lessons

Solihull Music Service – Musicianship Resources
Home learning music lessons
Key Stage 1/EYFS – Curriculum Lessons
Key Stage 2 – Curriculum Lessons
Key Stage 3 – Curriculum Lessons
Key Stage 4 – Curriculum Lessons
Creative Sounds/S.E.N.D Lessons

This video features over 500 pupils from all over Solihull performing at Abbey Road Studios July 2019. Never underestimate the power of music and the strength it offers our communities.