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SMC Jazz Band 
SMC Ukuleles (Strum Matters) – Online sessions
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Lose Yourself – Ukulele
Lose Yourself – Music

If A Picture- Ukulele

If A Picture – Music

Wellerman – Music
SMC Guitars – Online sessions

FourFive Seconds – SMC Guitars

FourFive Seconds sheet music
SMC Rock Orchestra
SMC Flute/Reeds/Orchestra


SMC “Inspire and engage” Sessions 2021

(Sponsored by The National Rock and Pop Festival Trust)

Fred Cox Info – 27th February

Fred Cox Session 11.30am 27th Feb
Mike Dunne Info – 6th March
Mike Dunne Performance 1 Mamma Mia
Mike Dunne Performance 2 Your Smiling Face
Lorna Want Info – 13th March
Lorna Want Interview 11.30am 13th March 2021
Jimmy Sims Info – 20th March
Jimmy Sims Interview 11.30am 20th March 2021