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music monsters

Music Monsters works in partnership with Solihull Music Service, to provide music education for early years. During this unprecedented time, we are working to provide as many resources as possible, to keep our students engaged and educated. Our Music Monsters’ Pick ‘n’ Mix kits are ready! This is a downloadable version of all of the music and education we usually run in our classes, aimed at parents wanting to bring some love and music into their homes. It is there to inspire, not to apply pressure! We have included a printable calendar, allowing you to pick and choose the activities that suit you and your children best – you don’t have to do it all
Suitable for children under 5 years.
Kits will be emailed to you every week, to begin on the following Monday. We will be playing along as well, and welcome you to post your pics and videos into this Facebook group, to help others who are joining in. You can join in here:, or email for more information.

Music Monsters is an Early Years music programme, developed by Elegie School Of Music. It is rooted in the belief that all children should have access to music, and this can begin from the very earliest age! Music Monsters is a vibrant, diverse and fun class, aimed at helping parents to engage and interact with their little ones through music.

Click here for music-making tips, inspiration, and information about Music Monsters: