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Roller Ghoster

Something Told The Wild Geese

Who are the Solihull Children’s Chorus?

Solihull Children’s Chorus Terms and Conditions

Concert Dress: SSChorus T-shirt, Black trousers, such as school trousers (no jeans, leggings or cable trousers please)

Dark formal/school type shoes (no trainers or boots please).

Please note that the Solihull Childrens’s Chorus auditions will be held on:

July 7th (please apply by Fri June 29th)

July 14th (please apply by July 6th)

July 21st (please apply by July 13th)

These will take place at Solihull Music Service, Daylesford Road, Solihull. B928EJ

Concert information:

The choir will be performing at:

The Opera Boys May 10th at The Core


Concert with Knowle Male Voice Choir on July 14th at Knowle Parish Church.



Solihull Children’s Chorus is a venture that began in September 2011. We are aiming to recruit 90 enthusiastic children from Year 3 who love to sing to join our Training Chorus. Solihull Children’s Chorus will be a unique structure, with singing, performance and musicianship taught in a lively and fun way. We are building our Main Chorus, by recruiting from years 4, 5 and 6.

What’s so good about singing?
An impact study by Chorus America in 2009 into the benefits of choral singing showed that children who sing in choirs:

  • have enhanced social skills as adults
  • achieve greater academic success
  • are more self-confident
  • are more self-disciplined
  • have improved memory skills
  • participate better in group activities
  • have better emotional expression
  • exhibit better emotional management.

How can my child benefit from being a member of Solihull Children’s Chorus?

The Solihull Children’s Chorus will provide outstanding choral and musical training together with exciting performance opportunities encompassing:
Singing in a high quality choir
Vocal training to develop good singing technique
Wide range of choral repertoire
Performance skills
Artistic expression, style and communication to an audience

childrens chorus
Musicianship skills
Based on the Kodaly Method (a plan for young singers developed in Hungary by the composer and teacher Zoltan Kodaly)
Singing games to develop pitch and rhythm
Aural skills
Reading music notation
Award Scheme (developed by NYCoS – the National Youth Choir of Scotland
Charts the progress of the members of the choir
Bronze, Silver and Gold awards to give children goals to achieve
Members are tested informally on pitching, sound production, solo singing, and simple theory. Behavior together with rehearsal and concert attendance are taken into account
Award badges are presented on completion of each relevant stage
Where and how often will the Solihull Children’s Chorus rehearse?

All choirs will meet once week, on Tuesday evenings from 5.00 – 6.45pm during term time at the Solihull Music Service, Daylesford Road, B928EJ Rehearsals are held from September through to July and with the same holidays as most Solihull schools.
Please note that this is a progressive programme with singing and musicianship skills developing weekly. If a child misses for a period they may be asked to rejoin the next September.
How can my child join the Solihull Children’s Chorus?
Solihull Children’s Training Chorus will recruit annually each year in May and June from Year 3 only. The Main Chorus is open to Years 4, 5 and 6, although there are also older pupils in this choir. Workshops are held in 12 primary schools in the locality. In addition, an open invitation to apply is extended to all Year 3 pupils across the Borough of Solihull. We are holding recruitment workshops in June 2016
The workshop is designed to be fun and is very informal. The children are put in groups of approximately 15 children (wherever possible with other children from their school) and take part in some singing games which will enable the staff to identify those who can concentrate, pay attention and have an ability to sing clearly and in tune. The workshop will last for approximately 30 minutes.
If your child is unable to attend the main series of workshops, there will be other opportunities, by arrangement with the choir director.

How often will the children perform?

There will be regular concerts in venues such as Birmingham Town Hall, Solihull Arts Complex, and Warwick Arts Centre. Every winter and summer we will also hold a presentation evening for parents. As the choir continues to develop, it is envisaged that further performances will take place including choral competitions such as BBC Radio 3 Choir of the Year.

Solihull Children’s Chorus Terms and Conditions

Concert Dress: SSChorus T-shirt, Black trousers, such as school trousers (no jeans, leggings or cable trousers please)

Dark formal/school type shoes (no trainers or boots please).

How much does it cost to be a member of the Solihull Youth Chorus?

There is an annual membership subscription for all members of the choir. For 2017 season this will be £37.90 per school term or part thereof for new members (Please note that the subscription may be paid in installments).

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